Bioprocess Engineering and Microbial Proteomics


PROBIO aims to use the capabilities of microorganisms especially extremophiles to produce industrially important enzymes, exo-polysaccharides and biofuels.  In order to elucidate mechanisms of cellular behavior and to develop and to scale-up relevant processes, PROBIO build a bridge between proteomics and  and bioprocesses.

Research mainly focus on production, purification, optimization, characterization and stabilization of industrially and pharmaceutically important biomaterials as industrial enzymes, exopolysaccharides, osmolytes and biofuels by extremophiles.

  • Screening, isolation and identification of microorganisms (extremophiles) as a sources of biological materials

  • Classification of selected organisms using footprinting

  • Optimization of culture and/or fermentation conditions

  • Purification and Characterisation of new enzymes and comparison with commercial preparations

  • Development of stabilization techniques in order to stabilize enzymes for use in industrial processes

  • Bioethanol and Biodiesel production from agro-industrial biomass using industrial enzyme (cellulose, laccase and lipase) and mixed enzyme systems

  • Production of biomaterials using renewable sources


Our Research Activities

  • Formulation of alkaline protease for liquid detergent, KOSGEB  
  • Using recycled protein waste for Oncorhynchus mykiss feed as an alternative protein source, TUBITAK-TEYDEB
  • Production of fermentable sugars by hydrolyses of haselnut husk,  TUBITAK: 113M053
  • Determination of lipid profiles of microalgae in order to determine biofuel productivity, -FEN-A-090512-0162
  • Extremophiles as source of natural products useful for biotechnological applications: Studies of osmoregulation strategies by engineering tools. TUBITAK: TBAG-110T174 (in collaboration with Dr Annarita POLI / Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy)
  • Production of industrial enzymes intended for feed industry. TUBITAK: KAMAG-107G246.(Collaborative project: Main Coordinater TUBITAK-GMBAE; collaboraters: Marmara University, Ege University, Çukurova University, Kocaeli University)
  • Establishment of a Bioremediation Laboratory in the Bioengineering Department. Marmara University Research Fund Project, FEN-E.-.
  • Production and characterization of phytase enzyme for animal feed. Marmara University Scientific Research Project: FEN-C-DRP-171108-0267.
  • Establisment of Microbial resource Center Infrastructure for Enzyme Industry in Turkey. T.R. Prime Ministry State Planning Organisation (DPT), conducted at TUBTAK MRC, GEBI.
  • Investigation of the effect of environmental conditions on newly isolated halophilic microorganisms by proteomics. TUBITAK: MAG 104M236 (in collaboration with Prof Dr Wittman Liebold).
  • Production of alpha-amylase from Halomonas sp. isolated from Çamaltı Saltern Area by agricultural waste. Marmara University Scientific Research Project: FEN-YLS-290506-0115.
  • Identification of archaea isolated from extreme environments in Turkey and extremozymes of these microorganisms. TUBITAK: TBAG 103T069.
  • Stability, conformational characterization and biocatalytic applications of native and modified alkaline proteases purified from alkaliphilic Bacillus strains. TUBITAK: TBAG-U/123 (104T262).(Project coordinater: Prof Dr Altan Erarslan)
  • BIOCHIPBOARD (Fungal enzymes on the production of whitelined chipboard: technological and economical implications (Partners: TUBITAK; ITÜ; University of Westminster, KARTONSAN). EUREKA: E2184.
  • Isolation and identification of industrially important protein producing bacteria from local ecosystems. TUBITAK: GMBAE F990201.
  • Identification of alkaline protease producing microorganisms from local ecosystems and production and purification of alkaline protease enzyme. Marmara University Scientific Research Project: BSE 073/131102.
  • Traditional and modern solutions for lactose defficiency in Turkey: Production and development of lactase enzyme used in milk industry, YUUP-DPT (T.R. Prime Ministry State Planning Organisation BAP-08-11-DPT 2005K120570.
  • Determination of anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant activity of whey proteins and hydrolysates and determination of structural properties. TUBITAK: SBAG. (Project coordinator: Prof Dr Süha Yalçın, Marmara University, School of Medicine)
  • Proteomic Analyses of Kidney Transplantation Solutions. TUBITAK: SBAG-110S103. (Project coordinator: Prof Dr Abdurrahman Coşkun; Acıbadem University, School of Medicine)


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