Agro-wastes into high-value added chemicals

Bioprocess plant design and techno-economic evaluation approaches for novel production patterns of high value added chemicals from agro-wastes.

Bioprocess Simulation tools are widely used in process with an ever-growing area of application due to the advances in related software availability such as Superpro designer and Aspen-plus. Recent and ongoing progress in the production of chemicals from especially local, national and global agricultural wastes with negative value creates an exponentially growing domain for possible high-value added chemicals. Reliable modeling and simulation tools can greatly enhance the design and techno-economic assessment of possible production sites relating the process inputs such as raw material properties and costs, enzymatic conversion rates, design and operational parameters of unit operations to process-based yields and unit production costs and investment-based metrics such as internal rate of return, net present value and return on investment. Here we focus on case studies involving possible novel production approaches for globally demanded high value chemicals with significant economic, environmental and social benefits from agro-wastes. 

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